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img "That is not one of the things I do fast."
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I'm never asking for your opinion again.

—Ryo Inoue, to Kensuke Hanasaki.

Ryo Inoue (井上亮 Inoue Ryō) is a character of Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan' Yori and a member of the Detective Boys Club.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Inoue has black hair, vibrant green eyes, and tanned skin. His eyes can also be described as piercing and intense. He is mostly seen wearing his school uniform. Inoue is physically disabled and uses a wheelchair.


Inoue is strict and prefers to take charge of situations. He considers himself to be a logical and just leader and he expects the people around him to listen. If he is ignored or spoken against, Inoue becomes irritable.

One of the reasons that he does not like Kobayashi is that Kobayashi doesn't share his beliefs and Kobayashi feels little need to listen. In the beginning, Inoue thought of Kobayashi as a threat.

Inoue, despite his self-restraint, tends to be ruled by his emotions and acts without thought in dire situations.





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