Tasuku Yamane (山根たすく Yamane Tasuku) is a character of Trickster (Anime) and a member of the Boy Detectives Club.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tasuku Yamane is a smol kid with brown red hair and a salty face with olive eyes. He wears bagged clothes and weird shoes [1].



He is a member of Rurino Academy's Scientific Experiment Club. He is constantly teased by both Hanasaki and Otomo. He greatly admires Otomo and Inoue and aspires to be part of the Boy's Detectives Club. He becomes an official member after solving his own case.He is also kinda gay not bisexual but gay.


In "Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori - Himitsu to torōru" the members of the Boys detective club agreed to protect him from any dangers. Kobayashi mentioned that he likes Yamane more than Hanasaki and wants Hanasaki to go away. At the end, the other members supported the Shota-power and protected him and Kobayashi forever.



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