Tomohisa Otomo (大友久 Ōtomo Tomohisa) is a character of Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan Yori and a member of the Boy Detectives Club.

Physical Appearance Edit

Otomo is a slender figure with light brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a lab coat with a red and green striped tie and grey trousers with a black belt. He also has black shoes.


Tomohisa Otomo is the designer of the Boy Detectives Club's "seven tools," and the founder and member of his school's scientific experiment club. In Rurino Academy, which Hanasaki also attends, he works with his underclassman Yamane in the school's science lab. He is handsome, popular with girls, and has a free-wheeling personality.




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