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Welcome to the Trickster Wiki
This wiki is dedicated to the series Trickster.
Feel free to help in improving the wiki by editing and contributing new articles or pictures.
Yoshio Kobayashi
Yoshio Kobayashi
Kensuke Hanasaki
Kensuke Hanasaki
Ryo Inoue
Ryo Inoue
Makoto Noro
Makoto Noro
Kogoro Akechi
Kogoro Akechi
Nao Nakamura
Nao Nakamura
Masaharu Shota
Masaharu Shota
Tomohisa Otomo
Tomohisa Otomo
Tasuku Yamane
Tasuku Yamane
Kaijin Nijuu Mensou
Fiend With Twenty Faces
Welcome to the Database!
We want you to help out around the Trickster Wiki! Here are some tasks for you to get your hands into to help assist the admins with We want to expand and add to these so please do as best as you can!
  • Make new pages based on the episodes with proper grammar and information.
  • Improve the character pages.
  • Improve the pages marked "Under Construction". They need pictures and more information.
  • Edit the "Boy Detectives Club" WITH all the members that are in it.
  • Add the Trickster Pages which include:
    • Trickster (Manga)
    • Trickster (Series)

Once you finished these tasks, remove them by going here.

  • "Ochiyuku Dōkeshi", the recent episode came out on February 28, 2017.
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